Pauline Conley

Ochre Wind

Acrylic on Canvas

24 x 48 inches

November 2011


Ochre Wind

The 'wind' is an important element of this painting. It is the formed with the residue of a gesture - the mark left by a human hand and arm dragging pigment over a surface.

The 'Xes' that form the background are signals that carry a lot of baggage. X is strong, simple, jagged. X marks the spot and cancels it out at the same time. Through repetition the X creates a grid on which I can hang the non-figurative imagery, which is at the centre of my work.

The 'stacks' that appear here are inspired by organic forms. They are the bones of the painting - but also have important totemic references for me. The vertical lines are created by gravity through drip lines. The stacked layers are created by applying kinetic marks, which are then carefully edited to retain the abandon of the gestures used to make them. The sum is a complex file that references thought and action at the same time.