Pauline Conley

Three Sisters

24 x 24 inches

Acrylic on Canvas

December 2011

Three Sisters

As Three Sisters demonstrates, much of my composition relies on drawing with gravity - or drips. This is the first stage after under-painting in forming the images - drip drawings are applied to the surface, and the resulting lines are used to frame totemic stacks of gesture. The sum is a complex file that references thought and action at the same time.

The 'x' is a signal that carries a lot of baggage. It is strong, simple, jagged. It marks the spot and cancels it out at the same time. The ‘Xes’ also create a grid on which I can construct the non-figurative imagery, which is at the centre of my work.

In addition, this painting contains rounded forms, which are drawn quickly with a squeeze bottle. These are meant to reinforce the organic nature of the imagery - they could be bubbles, cells, distortion through the meniscus of a water drop. They magnify and clarify and say ''yes, but see here..."

The palette of this painting - as with many others recently - is inspired by a small collection of Indonesian day moths (pinned, I'm afraid) that hang on the wall of my studio.